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» I bought the deal, What's next?
  After you make your RedeemKing purchase, you'll receive an email confirmation with a link to your printable voucher. Of course, you'll always be able to access your RedeemKing deals through your account manager. Your voucher includes all the information you need to know and how to redeem the voucher.
» Paying online? Is that safe on RedeemKing?
  Your credit card number is transmitted through SSL with the highest levels of encryption throughout the entire payment process.
» Can I return an RedeemKing voucher?
  You may change your mind about a purchase on the day that RedeemKing deal is featured. Please CLICK HERE and send us a message before midnight on the feature day for assistance with your return.
» When can I use my RedeemKing Deal voucher?
  Now that you have bought your RedeemKing Deal, you may use it the day after purchase. Enjoy!
» What if I purchase as gift?
  When you buy a RedeemKing Deal as a gift it will be available for you to download via your account manager “My Gifts”. From there, you may print or download it your computer and share with gift recipient. The gift voucher will be under the names you provide at purchase.
» What if I can't download my voucher?
  We submit the names of all purchasers to the Improv Box office. Show your photo ID at the box office and they will issue your tickets.
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